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Whether online or in-person, Our Specialist Trainers can enable you to meet your Body and Fitness objectives . Come join us today


TFS comprises a team of Professional Personal Trainers with undergraduate degrees a minimum requirement. Whilst on a quest to deliver the highest quality Personal Training as possible, our team are committed to continuing their education and satisfying client needs.

Tailored Fitness Solutions was established to ensure results are achieved in an optimal manner. Whether your goal is to slim down, tone up or anything in-between, we can guarantee your goals will be met with some bonus laughs along the way. 

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Our trainers are fully qualified University educated specialists, so they will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to ensure you  reach your desired goal

Sam, Alex B, Alex D, Jess and Dean are currently the five residential trainers. All are University educated, experienced professionals who live and breathe fitness. 

The Tailored Difference – Whilst we acknowledge the importance of having 1 major relationship with a trainer, at TFS we are a team. We collaborate, we share ideas, responsibilities and even clients.  So if Sam gets a sniffle, if Alex is at the World Cup or if Jess is playing netball you will never be without an expert trainer.

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A Studio Like No Other

Our Swan Street Studio differs hugely to your normal gym.
The studio is ONLY for personal training, meaning whenever you are in session, our trainers will always be giving you 100% focused attention

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These our are most recent photos and videos. Feel free to browse and we hope that you join us and be part of the TFS story


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